Holy Cross Community Garden

4125 Constitution Avenue 80909
This garden is located next to Holy Cross Lutheran Church near the intersection of Murray Boulevard and Constitution Avenue. Full and half plots are offered at the community garden. 

​ Contact Justina at 719-358-6866 to inquire.

Duckwood Community Gardens
Two community gardens are planned to be added to Fountain Creek Regional park near Duckwood Pond in spring 2018.
Each garden will offer raised garden bed and level ground planting options. 
Garden fees and garden bed sizes have not yet been determined.
Inquiries for the 2018 growing season are welcome.

Old Farm Community Gardens

Old Farm Circle West 80917
This is a 2.5 acre site located in the hills of the Old Farm subdivision with 58 plots. The annual fee is based on the size of the plot. Contact Carol at 719-648-9015 or kinatec@aol.com to inquire. You can also visit oldfarmcommunitygardens.com for more details.

other gardens in our community

Deerfield Hills Community Garden 

4290 Deerfield Hills Road 80916

Garden plots and raised beds in a fenced and gated area. Water is provided. Call 719-385-5996 or visit coloradosprings.gov/Deerfield

Eagleview Middle School Community Garden
1325 Vindicator Dr. 80919

This community garden is fenced in with two easily accessible water stations, and beds have galvanized hardware cloth under them to keep pests out.

Contact Jessica Bryant at 719-234-3438

The Charmaine Nymann Community Garden

This community garden is located in beautiful Bear Creek Regional Park, on the west side of Colorado Springs. It is the oldest community garden in the Pikes Peak Region, with some of the best amended soil anywhere. Call 719-634-4433 or 719-576-2664 or email bearcreekgardebs@yahoo.com to inquire.

Arcadia Community Garden
Located near 3102 N. Arcadia Street 80907
Built in April 2016, community gardeners young and seasoned gathered together to provide a great example of community coming together to grow. Plot sizes range from small 5'x8' to larger 10'x15 areas. Several community plots offer rhubarb, sage, rosemary, chives and pumpkins for gardeners to share. 
​Inquiries for the 2018 growing season are welcome.

Tour Our Gardens!
If you're interested in finding the community garden closest to you, take a tour of our gardens throughout the city of Colorado Springs by clicking on the map. We hope you find one near you!

Iron Horse Community Garden

4965 Barnes Road 80917
This garden is located next to Faith Covenant Church on Barnes Road between Iron Horse Trail and Oro Blanco Drive.
Please contact Pam at 719-360-2986 or via email ironhorsecommgarden@gmail.com to inquire.

Abundance Community Garden
Care and Share - 2605 Preamble Point 80915

This community garden will be available to over 20 families in Spring 2017. A rustic pergola is the focal point of the garden, allowing a space for a picnic lunch or veggie exchange. A small tool shed is also on site and available for use by the community gardeners. Extra garden vegetables are always welcome at Care and Share Food Bank. 
Inquiries for the 2018 growing season are welcome.


Complete the information below, and submit your inquiry for the community garden you are most interested in joining.
We will contact you to provide more information on the next steps to become a community gardener.

Fire Station 21 Community Garden

7320 Dublin Boulevard 80923
This is our only garden in the northeast part of Colorado Springs. Built in 2015, this garden serves both neighborhood families and the students of The Imagine Classical Academy at Indigo Ranch.
Inquiries for the 2018 growing season are welcome.

Ranch Community Garden

4625 Ranch Drive 80918
​This garden is located next to Beth-El Mennonite Church. This is the only community garden in Colorado Springs that offers a drip water system throughout an entire garden. 
​Visit ranchcommunitygarden.com, call 719-636-2716 or email coloradogardens@gmail.com

 to inquire.

The Dream Center Garden
​1040 South Institute Street 80903
This intimate garden is located next to Relevant Word Christian Cultural Center. Several raised garden beds are accessible to seniors & others with limited physical ability.

Contact Fannie Lee at 719-444-8641 to inquire.

Mid Shooks Run Community Garden

Northwest corner of El Paso Street & Boulder Street 80903
Open for spring 2018.
This garden will be located on the Legacy Loop in the Mid Shooks Run neighborhood. The garden will offer 20-30 raised beds, a small berry patch, fruit trees and apiary. Garden fees and garden bed sizes have not yet been determined, but you are welcome to inquire about this garden through our inquiry form below.

community gardens

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Find some land that you can use that also has an adequate water supply.
  • It must also receive at least 8 hours of sun a day.
  • The size of the land can vary but remember each gardening family could easily plant and maintain a 20 ft by 20 ft plot.
  • Most community gardens are at least 40 ft by 40 ft. If you don't have enough land sometimes local schools,  churches or businesses might let you use their land. 
  • Next get commitments from a few families that want to be active participants.
  • Most importantly there must be a garden leader. Someone needs to step up and be in charge.

PPug Community Gardens

Vermijo Community Garden
398 South 27th Street 80904
​Midland Trail and Fountain Creek neighbor this garden in Old Colorado City. This is a smaller garden, but its uniqueness and beauty are great!

Inquiries for the 2018 growing season are welcome.

Harrison Urban Gardens

1060 Harrison Road 80905

This is our largest garden; 3/4 of an acre and home to a geodesic dome and chicken coop. Gardeners have created a fun environment within the garden adding a pumpkin patch, orchard and picnic area.
Inquiries for the 2018 growing season are welcome.

Mill Street Community Garden

1013 South Cascade Avenue 80903

This garden is a hidden gem with over 40 garden plots a small greenhouse. Community beds showcase strawberries for gardeners to enjoy.
This garden is managed by the Mill Street Neighborhood Association. Please contact Jo Ann at 719-238-5105 or via email zieglerjoanne1@mail.com to inquire.

Westside Community Garden
1628 W. Bijou Street 80904
This garden is home to our greatest number of gardeners! Gardens beds are approximately
​4'x8' and are wheelchair accessible. 
Inquiries for the 2017 growing season are welcome.

Over the years, Pikes Peak Urban Gardens has helped establish several community gardens in the Pikes Peak region. Some of those gardens are currently managed by Pikes Peak Urban Gardens, while others are overseen by separate entities. Scroll down to read through the list of community gardens in Colorado Springs.  If you are interested in joining one of our community gardens, please complete the interest form at the bottom of the page.​